The NMCA 2013 at Route 66 Raceway

NMCA Joliet 2013Source:

Once again, the 8th annual Nitto NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing presented by Miller Welders provided some awesome action for fans of Street Legal drag racing. Records were broken, winners crowned, and although Team NMCA lost the overall win, a solid fight was put up, taking it right down to the very last race.

In Kooks Custom Headers Pro Street, Jeff Lutz lead qualifying with an outstanding 6.000 at just over 250 miles per hour. However in eliminations, the full field was whittled down to Jim Widener and Kevin Fiscus. At the hit, Fiscus struggled with traction while Widener streaked to a 6.11 at 231 mph to take the win. Mickey Thompson Super Street 10.5W saw Jim Brown finally overcome his struggles to qualify number one with a 6.48 at 224 miles per hour. However, more issues sidelined Brown early on in eliminations as Mark Micke and Ray Jaso emerged in the final round. Micke was slow off the line, but an ailing Jaso aborted his pass, allowing Micke’s 6.64 at 223 mph to take the win.

Dave Beeson led the ARP Nostalgia Pro Street pack with a 7.300 at 189 miles per hour. Beeson converted his qualifying efforts into a trip to the final round where he met the number two qualifier, Skip Baskin. While Beeson got the starting line advantage, Baskin powered around with a 7.39 at 185 mph to take the win.

Stainless Works Street Outlaw was a combined class here at this race, and Sean Ashe led the charge, carding a record-breaking 7.269 in qualifying. As was expected, Ashe wound up in the final round where he met Phil Hines. Hines left the line first, but Ashe was able to drive around him for the win, in an extremely close 7.33-to-7.38 race. Judson Massingill was at the top of the qualifying sheet in Comp Cams N/A 10.5, with an 8.04-second qualifying run. Massingill earned a spot in the final round to face Charlie Booze, Jr. However, Massingill was unable to make the final round lane call, allowing Booze to take the win unopposed.

It was the Bob Curran show in Aeromotive Xtreme Street, as he led qualifying with a 7.83-second effort. He went on to meet the number-two qualifier, John Warren, in the final round, where an extremely tight race saw Curran take the win light by a scant margin. In ACT Mean Street action, Brian Campbell took the top spot in a tight three-way battle, with a 9.871-second pass. Campbell went on to meet Brandon Alsept in the final round where Alsept got the holeshot, but Campbell was able to drive around Alsept on the top end to take the win. Hawk Open Comp saw Chuck Hockenberry take the top spot with a .001-second reaction time. In the final, it was Frankie Radake facing Tim Swisher, with Radake redlighting away his shot at the winner’s circle.

John McPartlin’s .009-over qualifying effort sat atop the Lakewood EFI Rumble field at the end of qualifying. In the final, it was Keith Vaughn facing David Rickey. Rickey cut a better light and ran an 11.53 on his 11.50 index to take the win. Eaton Nostalgia Muscle Car qualifying was led by Jerry Stamps with a solid .003-over effort. The class whittled down to Gerry Vizzo and Mike Pryka in the final round. Pryka was late on the tree and gave Vizzo enough of an opening to take the stripe and the win. Bruce Sammet qualified number one in TTI Nostalgia Super Stock with a .004-over package. Joe Middle, Jr. faced Doug Duell in the final round, where Duell ran dead on with a five to take the NSS win.
In the E85 Shootout, Clarence Harding took down Antony Piunti 8.95 to 9.02. 

In TREMEC True Street action, Mark Scordato took the overall win with a stellar 8.85-second three-pass average. Ron Belcher’s 9.45-second average took the overall runner-up spot. Rob Batha took the nine-second win, Randy Thomas took the ten-second title, and Elisa Coon took the eleven-second win. Luke Clark took the twelve-second win, while Ben Ross took home the thirteen-second plaque. Ross Barker won the fourteen-second category and Belinda Moore took her tenth fifteen-second win.

The Super Bowl Shootout was a nail biter, just like last year, as it came down to the very last race. Earning the wins for NMRA, Jim Roberts defeated Gerry Vizzo, Shane Long defeated Tim Swisher, Shane Stymiest defeated Bob Curran, Brian Mitchell defeated Skip Baskin and Tim Matherly defeated Mark Micke. On the NMCA side, David Rickey beat Terry Reeves, Doug Duell defeated Susan McClenaghan, Brian Campbell took out John Leslie, Jr., Charlie Booze, Jr defeated Jacob Lamb, and Steve Wardlow outran Sean Ashe. In the final tiebreaking matchup, Jim Widener got scary-loose on the top end as Phil Hines took the win light, giving the NMRA their sixth Super Bowl Shootout victory, and earned the Nitto Diamond Tree championship rings for Team NMRA.