FOR SALE! A different kind of wheeled muscle

For those of us that enjoy the an occasional experience of a loud roar and seat handle g-forces on two wheels, this chopper does the trick. Marketing director for Tamraz’s Chuck McMurray has been the proud owner of this bike since it was built by hand in 2006.

The bike was manufactured as a frame-up assembly from Custom Chrome, with a model designation of “Hardcore Two”. The basics of the kits come with a hard-tail (no suspension) rear and a large cubic inch V-twin engine form Custom Chrome.. When you start a project like this, you literally take everything out of the package and layout the parts and look at what is going to become something to ride, but its literally prior just a pile of parts.

The first steps included sending out the parts to be painted to a shop, with a hue of blue and green sparkle that included a variety of skulls to present a menacing look. The next step was to send out any bare metal pieces that needed to receive chroming like this oil tank and various brackets.

Assembly took a few weeks and even though the finished product is something that can fit parked next to your car, there are many details that needn’t be overlooked. Tightening up the last of the bolts and checking the brakes, the engine was oiled and the tank filled and the monster came to life. Loud pipes save lives as some would say, and surely this monster can be heard from farther than just around the block.

Chuck’s racked up about 2,000 miles on it, and like anything else, decided to see what other project might be more interesting. So this is for sale if you might be interested. email if you might be interested – the bike is located in Naperville, Illinois not to0 far from the Tamrazs store on Wolf Rd.

Read the Craigslist Ad here for more photos and details