Jay Leno’s 650 Horse EcoJetVette

Jay Leno's Jet Car

Like all great feats of the imagination, Jay Leno’s EcoJet began life on a napkin. The heart of the EcoJet is a 650-horsepower Honeywell LT-101 turbine engine, which sits inside a modified Corvette Z06 aluminum frame. The EcoJet does it with Bio-Diesel.

LT-101 Westinghouse Turbine Jet Engine Powers The Car.
LT-101 Westinghouse Turbine Jet Engine Powers The Car

Jay Leno's Jet Car

The primary goal was to design and build a car that ran on environmentally friendly, renewable bio-diesel fuel and that didn’t drive like a Prius. Of course, as Jay has quipped, that makes harvest time the only time of year when there’ll be plenty of fuel available, but that’s beside the point.

Jay Leno’s Jet Car Uses Microsoft Vista in Dash Console
Jay Leno's Jet Car Uses Microsoft Dash Console

The vehicle’s shell is an advanced construction of carbon fiber over Kevlar, and the body is painted with environmentally friendly paint from Glasurit’s 9 Line Waterborne Technology lines, which is designed to dramatically reduce emissions during application.

Jay Leno’s Jet Car Outruns A Private Jet
Jay Leno's Jet Car Outruns A Private Jet

Though the car was built almost entirely at Jay’s Big Dog Garage, the design and engineering was actually overseen by GM under the leadership of Ed Welburn, GM Vice President of Global Design and Frank Saucedo, head of GM’s Design Studio in North Hollywood, California.