NYC Daily Driver 1968 Dart GTS

Dodge Dart


Alex Harsley has been driving his GTS on the streets of NYC since ’74

On a recent visit to New York City, we tracked down the owner of a ’68 Dodge Dart GTS that has been mystifying automotive minded tourists for decades. It’s always parked in the same East Village neighborhood with current tags and an active inspection sticker. Searching “Manhattan GTS” online brings up multiple pages and forum posts devoted to the battered A-body, but nobody seemed to know its story. New York is not the kind of town where a car can sit immobile for any length of time, but who could be so hardcore as to drive a ’60s muscle car in the middle of Manhattan?

The answer is 75-year-old Alex Harsley, who came to NYC as a child and made a place for himself in the New York art world. The Dart has been a part of his journey since 1974, when he purchased it on the street for $500. Over the years, Alex used the Dart to transport art and artists for his 4th St. Gallery. Alex’s work required regular trips upstate, and he says he put more than 300 miles on the Dart every week. “All kinds of weather, sand, salt, snow, it kept going. I think it’s got maybe, half a million miles on it?” Alex isn’t driving quite as much these days, but the Dart still sees daily street use, and he was happy to fire up the 340 and tell us all about it.



By Elana Scherr, Photography By Elana Scherr