Eight Corvettes swallowed by a sink hole!

Eight Corvettes swallowed by massive sink hole at National Corvette Museum!

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A 40-foot sink hole at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green swallowed eight of the sports cars on display inside the the facility’s iconic Sky Dome Wednesday morning, said executive director Wendell Strode.

Some time before 5:30 a.m. the sink hole started to form, authorities believe and by 5:39 a.m. power in the museum was lost and police were called, he said.

When they got to the museum, emergency personnel discovered a 40-foot sink hole between 25 and 30 feet deep, Strode said. “It’s pretty significant,” he said.

Eight cars dropped into the hole, five of which were owned by the museum and three by General Motors.

Employees at the museum are still working on a list of cars involved in the incident, Strode said. The museum is about a mile from the General Motors Bowling Green Assembly Plant where the car is built.

Emergency personnel allowed museum staff to remove one car, an irreplaceable 1983 Corvette which was not in the sink hole, he said.

Andrea Hales, communications manager at the Bowling Green Corvette plant said there were no 1983 Corvette production models and the only surviving prototype was on display at the museum. She added that the sinkhole had no effect on the nearby plant.

Engineers are being called in to assess the situation at the museum.

“Before we do anything, like remove the other cars, we want that assessment so we know if there’s been any structural damage to the Sky Dome,” Strode said.

The museum will be open Wednesday but the Sky Dome will be off limits, he said.

“We’ll try to get back to business as usual as soon as we can and keep moving forward,” he said.

A monetary estimate of damage done to the museum and the vehicles involved had not been determined early Wednesday.

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Source: CourierJournal.com

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