700hp Crusher Camaro – in snow

700 Horsepower & 2,400 Miles! 

If you haven’t watched this show – you must grab some popcorn and enjoy it. More than any other episode, this Roadkill reveals what it’s really like to work at HOT ROD Magazine. Follow along to get the behind-the-scenes dirt on how the Roadkill team pulled off the Roadkill Live engine swap in the Crusher Camaro at the 2013 (PRI) Performance Racing Industry trade show, then watch the 2,400-mile trip home from Indy to LA in the Crusher Camaro–including visits with Funny Car Racer Tony Pedregon, Steve Schmidt Racing Engines, and Finnegan’s dad! It all ends with a session at the drag strip where the Crusher went quicker than it ever has.

Source: Hotrod.com

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