How To: Decorate Your Car For The Holidays

‘Tis the season to annoy fellow commuters with car decorations, fa-lalalala-lala-la-la. There’s more than one way to spread holiday cheer – whether you’re into commercialized Christmas, a faithful Chanukah celebration, or you just like slapping colorful lights on your automobiles.


Some of these decorations are right up there with the obnoxious factor of Truck Balls. But who are we to judge? It’s the time of year that brings us together, hopefully not in a rear end collision after too much spiked eggnog.

Check out a few holiday vehicle decorations – feel free to reply with photos of your own.

Car Antlers & Rudolph Nose

The new classic in holiday vehicle decoration. You can slap reindeer antlers atop a VW Bug or Ram 1500. They  clip on similarly to car sports/country/nationality flags. Add a red clown nose and transform your hooptie into Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

Grille Wreaths

Typically seen on larger vehicles and semi/dump trucks around New York City, this yule-tradition is an easy and inexpensive way to ‘spruce’ up (tree puns!) your vehicle for the holiday season. All one needs is some string, pine tree clippings, and a hot glue gun. Aside from that last item, you can pick everything else off the ground outside.

Roof Menorahs

The tradition of car roof mounted Menorahs, in celebration Chanukah, has grown to encompass at least one die-hard spiritual driver in every major city. showcases a gallery full of Brooklyn-based Menorah-mobiles.

Car Christmas Lights

This may suck up that car battery juice a bit too quickly – but if someone really wants to make a splash during their late December road trip, we suggest adding Christmas tree lights around the vehicle. Many car supply stores offer packages that include lights, suction cups for attachment, and separate battery pack.

Music – Michael Buble, Nat King Cole
The holidays are not complete without a soundtrack. Some of us wish to remain purists – playing classic Nat King Cole “White Christmas” or seasonal tunes from Old Blue Eyes. If you’re looking for a modern take on these oldies, check out Michael Buble’s Christmas album, if you are not already insanely sick of hearing it throughout major retail stores everywhere.