2015 Tamraz’s Photo Contest

P9240031Want to see the picture of your car proudly plastered all over our website? We are hosting a photo contest by Make and Model to help dress up our new online store categories, and what better photos to use than our customers cars!


Want to enter a photo of your ride and see it on our site? Its as easy as sending us an email of the best photos you’ve got. The contest winner will win a $50 gift certificate and a Tamraz T-shirt of choice. Contest ends January 31st and the winner will be announced on Feb 15th.

Here is how to compete:

Step 1: Pick the best picture of your car. Minimum size is 915 pixels wide, so just take a picture with your iPhone 4 or Ipad2 or better, or Android phone/device, or if you have a fancy digital camera, even better.  Two (2) Megapixal minimum please since it might get featured on our store banner.

Step 2: Email our marketing director chuck@tamrazs.com with your ONE best photo (send as an attachment) of either the front or back of the car. Optional if you want to be in the photo, but please be dressed, not shooting a profanity or wearing a T-shirt with one.

Step 3: See your car on our store, and perhaps website. Winner of the contest will be announced by the judges on February 15th, 2015 via email. Winner will receive a $50 Gift Certificate good for use on Tamrazsparts.com and a Tamrazs T-shirt in white or black, sizes available small through 2xx.

Step 4: Tell us what category you want to compete in. Choose from the below bulleted list and tell us in the body of the email one of these categories (Choose only one)

  • Best Chevy
  • Best Buick
  • Best Pontiac
  • Best Oldsmobile
  • Best Plymouth
  • Best Dodge
  • Best Ford
  • Best Truck
  • Best Tri-Five (1955-1957 Chevy)
  • Best Drag Car
  • Best Wheel stand
  • Best Burnout
  • Best Project Car
  • Best Rat Rod (unrestored category)
  • Best of the rest (everything else)

Contest Rules:

1. We prefer license plates removed otherwise we will just fuzz them out of the picture. Also, no naked or scantly clad people. Although we will enjoy seeing anything you send, we don’t want to offend other customers and their family with your girlfriends hot DD’s)

2. Please make sure its your car, and not someone else’s photo. Be honest please and don’t submit a download from Google to try and jazz us for a gift certificate!

3. Send us the photo before January 31st and don’t complain if you missed the dates.

4. We are the judges of this content, so our decision (by committee) is final!

5. One car submission per customer. If you have 9 awesome cars, only one car can be entered for the contest. Although we will post pictures of your other cars if they meet the photo criteria.

(You of course relinquish rights for us to use the photo by submitting for us to use, so if you choose to remove the photo for any reason, we will take it down at your request.)

Send us your photo by clicking below!