What YOU should expect to see at SEMA 2016

Written by Matthew McMurray on October 11, 2016

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If you’ve never been to SEMA before, your in for a real treat. Car enthusiasts, manufacturers, Magazine companies, and all of the people take in the entertainment that these companies produce, are the audience and participants that make up the experience of a life time. Not only is the SEMA show hosted in the lovely city of Las Vegas, but it also is near some of the nicest hotels and casinos known to be in the United States. People from all around the world come in to participate at this event, and this turns the show into quiet the killer turnout.

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Anything you can imagine, its most likely there. From the newest of automobiles, to the oldest of rust buckets and everything in between. The show has lots of crazy, exotic vehicles to show off. Some of the companies have competitions during the duration of the event that allow people to earn rewards with companies. Rewards include coupons, free parts, and sometimes (if they’re feeling generous) they’ll give away one of their special made projects. During such events, every bolt is inspected (Yeah it’s that intense). That’s why months of preparation are put into the buildup for the week long show where a mechanic’s skill are examined down to the core. It gets rough, because everyone knows that only one person comes out on top, and their eager for the reputation and trophy.

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You know what’s even more amazing than seeing some of the custom builds is all of the new cars that are released for the first time at SEMA. People who cannot wait until the first release of a new car make an appearance at this show. This is where manufacturers have their highlights. More than anything, their will be plenty of 2017 cars displayed and ordered after people lay their eyes on the newest children of major car distributors, whether they’re minor or major. Along with the cars, there’s also aftermarket businesses that display and sell their latest products at the event. What you see in the picture above is the 2016 Chevrolet COPO Camaro. This photo is from lasts years event and when the COPO was first released to the public’s view, it was quite the attraction.

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We’ll be there! 2016 SEMA will be a place where you can find us. For further information, stay updated with these posts and we’ll keep them coming.

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