Parts to Power: Supercharged SRT-8 or A Whole New Concept?

Written by Matthew McMurray on November 10, 2016

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Before the title of highest horsepower between the three competitors was claimed by the glorious Dodge Hellcat, that same title was a tug of war between Ford and GM. With 2014 tech & money, opportunities for change between the companies was a guarantee. Dodge decided to make a statement. They wanted the title, and claimed it with their 4500 pound feline that made “707” horsepower to the rear wheel. That doesn’t mention the horsepower at the flywheel OR the horsepower the car actually claims to have produced on the dyno.

However you may look at the car, it was predicted that Mopar (Dodge specifically) would turn around the challenge in their favor, no matter the rival enthusiast’s thoughts and opinions. All the haters reduced to making comments on how it was a “sad comeback” and  how “Dodge finally did something”. Little did Dodge care for the hate comments, and focused more on their optimistic audience.

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They looked to their own crowd for ideas. Most car enthusiasts came with the idea of increasing the overall performance of the Dodge collection. It started with the production of the shaker package you could get on some of the 2015 SRT-8 Challengers. However, this wasn’t much of an increase in any power or weight. It was strictly just a reference to the old ‘Cuda  intake. Haters from all around laughed in their face at this upgrade. The manufacturer at the Dodge headquarters counted it as a warning to those around. Although it seemed like a petty and intimidating new intake that tuck out of the hood, it only increased the horsepower by about 10. Not to mention that it also must have weighed 100 pounds, just like the rest of parts on the car.

With this new addition to the Dodge collection, it had to be tested around the world to find out the true significance of the shaker package. People were not only finding that it was used as a CA intake instead of a HA intake, It was also found that airflow was more continuous (not by much). Aerodynamics are important when driving at any high speed (according to all F1 drivers).

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To answer the question: Yes, Dodge did make a whole new concept vehicle. Instead of the original 6.4L V8 with 392 CI, the old design is replaced with the grand supercharged 6.2L V8 with 376 CI and the well known 707 horsepower. The car has a curb weight of 4,400 lbs and a gross weight of 5,450, so its obviously heavier. This had the car lovers and collectors out of their crazy predicated thoughts and welcomed into the world hardcore HP.

The car was also rated to have a comfortable ride and luxurious american feel. With the plushy, cushioned leather seats the car can seat up to 5 people. The option between a 6 speed manual or transmission or a 8 speed automatic is what depends on the design of your center console. The dash-ingrated computer is said to be newly improved and produced to fit the needs of the average driver. AUX input, USB port and touchscreen display all provide the driver to have a relaxing and easy time adjusting their trip as desired.

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Base engine size 6.2 Liters
Base engine type V-8
Horsepower 707 Hp
Horsepower rpm 6,200
Torque 650 Lb-Ft.
Torque rpm 4,800
Maximum towing capacity N/A
Drive type Rear-Wheel
Turning radius 19.2 ”
Fuel tank capacity 18.5 Gal.
EPA mileage estimates 13 City / 21 Hwy

Data Table source: Autoblog

For those who desire data, here you have it. All specifications listed above are some of the facts that all enthusiasts like myself love to know when I get into a quality argument with any Chevrolet or Ford rival.