Parts To Power: A Dance With the Demon

Written by Matthew McMurray on April 12, 2017

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Forget about Devil’s Advocate. They’ve turned “What ifs” into realities. 840 Horsepower from Hell sits between 4 tires and the heart of American Muscle. What come next melts the minds of anyone who thought at all that Dodge was done. Including Satan himself.

The 2018 Dodge Demon digs deeper into the core of classics, yanking every old, yet appreciated fashion of its time. The Hellcat was a new concept, but wasn’t enough. At least in the eyes of Dodge.

It took 840 horsepower, custom Nitto tracks and a hellish amount of propaganda to please those who thought 707 horsepower was not enough to quench their thriving gear head dreams. Dodge presents: The 2018 Dodge Demon.



When the Dodge SRT Hellcat was released in 2016, Dodge was showered with an awed audience and critical comments. While it was one of Dodge’s dangerous yet drivable concepts, it still weighed over 4,100 pounds. So, you can imagine that anyone who disliked the car gave it ridiculous names such as “Fat Cat” & “Hell Kitty”. Maybe it was the envy of a heavy beast speeding from a dead stop to high speeds to then crush the quarter mile in less then 11 seconds.

It only took a few passes for people to find alternatives to increase the overall performance of their Hellcats. Accessories such as: smaller tires, cool air systems and even removal of unnecessary weight.

With time and popularity, The Dodge SRT Hellcat became one of the proud sons of Mopar. It came down in recent history as one of the fastest production cars in the 1/4 mile. However cool the Hellcat looked in 2015, everything about the first wave of Horsepower from Hell got burned and thrown away when Dodge played it’s second set of cards.



For those who are confused as to what Dodge was going for exactly when they developed this Chevrolet Crusher/ Ford Flipper, they went beyond anything considered to be competition. They focused on worldwide records, instead of just  average nationwide trophies.

The Dodge SRT Dodge Demon now holds the official Guinness World Records for: World’s fastest production car, First production car to do wheelies, World’s fastest 0-60 car, and Highest horsepower of any production car on the road.

A man of science would say it has to do with the fact the car has 840 HP, 730 FT LB of Torque and weighs only around 3400 lbs. So yeah, it’s gonna do wheelies. Meanwhile, a man of faith would find himself praying to the dear hell below him, for allowing “A BEAST UNLIKE ANY KNOWN TO MAN” (#ifyouknowyouknow) to reach Earth’s surface.

Whichever perspective you have, your right. The car that lies before you has the ability to make anyone lose themselves.


Okay, so they may have over done the logo. So? It just proves that Dodge has a heart for their product, so they’re not just gonna leave it logo-less. That’s like having a girlfriend, but not even bothering to touch her or even acknowledge her.

Although many may complain that Dodge re-used the Hellcat logo to make their careening beast, people could practically dismantle a Hellcat and use the parts on one of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT’s and you’d still believe that it was stock. So with a few extra pieces of plastic, they’ve marked their territory. Besides, its not like the Hellcat X where they just put an X next to the logo. They definitely converted the logo, no matter how much you hate it or love it.

The Dodge Demon’s jaw dropping features can rarely be seen, unless your really on the look-out. Pay attention, the car runs 9.60s @ 140 in the 1/4 mile for a reason. Watch closely…


Here’s a familiar face! At least from the outside, this motor looks similar to that of the Dodge SRT Hellcat 6.2L V8 with the well known whining supercharger that takes the show when the hood is propped out of the way. Without any information, you’d think the motor is the same, just with a different emblem on the supercharger.

Although it may look similar, the internals could prove it to be very different. Dodge explained to the community during the Twitter Live Release, that everything about the motor is different, minus the aluminum cylinders that were used on the Hellcat.

The cars specifications include 808 horsepower (840 HP @ 6300 RPM on the dyno) and has an unknown weight, but is presumed to be under 3500 lbs. Most importnantly, to those who want to save money on a race production vehicle, its likely that the car will cost less than $100,000.

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In conclusion, this car is one of the most bad ass tire cookers that tears that is soon to thrash the US streets in 2017. It’s going to be a popular topic for awhile, whether it makes no sense to you, or is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Only one question is left over.

What’s next?